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Figure Slim Center
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Reduce Up To 1/2kg Weight Instantly

25,000+ Trusted Customers Across Mumbai

Result Oriented & Safe Weight Loss Treatment

Figure Slim Center

Figure Slim Center is a state-of-the-art non-surgical obesity and aesthetic clinic in Thane.

At Figure Slim, we believe that health, beauty, and well-being are inextricably connected, and we offer most effective, result-oriented and safe weight loss and inch loss treatment. We use highly advanced Weight Loss Technology to lose fat from the targeted areas.

We have a team of qualified experts and dieticians offering personal attention and take regular follow-ops. We offer customized weight loss plan starts with a careful, individual assessment performed by experts.

    Trusted By 25,000+ People Across Mumbai & Thane

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    Treatment Cost Starting at Just ₹2,500 EMI

    Why Choose Figure Slim Center?

    Dedicated Team of Experts & Dieticians

    Latest Weight Loss & Inch Loss Technologies

    State-Of-Art Weight Loss Center Located Near Thane Station

    Reduce Upto 8cm & Upto 1/2 kg in Just One Session

    How do we help you reduce weight?

    STEP 01

    Get Our Free Expert Weight Loss Consultation

    STEP 02

    Opt for Our Safe U-Lipolysis Treatment

    STEP 03

    Reduce Upto 1/2kg in Just One Session

    Free Consultation & Body Check Up Worth ₹2,499/-

    Areas Targeted For Men & Women

    Tummy Tuck

    Hip Tuck

    Side Tuck

    Thigh Tuck

    B Tone

    Calf Tuck

    Chest Tuck

    Saddlebag Tuck

    Face Lift

    Back Tuck

    Chin Tuck

    Arm Tuck

    Weight Loss & Targeted Inch Loss Treatment

    Why Opt for Non Surgical & Safe U-Lipolysis?

    No Side Effects

    No Pain

    No Surgery

    No Crash Diet

    No Medicines

    No Heavy Exercises

    No Injections

    No Risk

    Treatment Done After Performing Body Fat Analysis, BMI & Blood Reports

    Our Satisfied Clients


    Lost 28kg
    Just 8 Sessions*


    Lost 7kg
    Just 10 Sessions*


    Lost 16kg
    Just 8 Sessions*

    *Disclaimer: Results of the treatment may vary from person to person depending upon different body compositions. Changes depend upon the treatment taken and the number of sittings required. Everything will be decided after the consultation of the client by the Expert.

    Get 99% Results & Satisfaction & Only Once A Week Treatment

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    Figure Slim Center


    Chandrama CHS, Shop No 1 & 2, Ram Maruti Rd, near Cream Chills Icecream, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400602




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